Is Your Website Keeping Clients Away?

Website Doesn't Attract Clients

Oftentimes, your website is the first way potential clients will meet you.  What’s your website saying to them? You've only got 3-5 seconds to help your website visitors want to stay on your website to get to know you, learn more about what you offer, and how you can be of service to them.  When your website doesn't attract clients as you thought it would, there's some research you need to do.How quickly does it take your website visitors to know what you do, who you serve, and how you can help them?  

These three pieces of information should be front and center and easy to find. Having cracks like this within your website makes it difficult for your potential clients know if you are the solution to their problem.  Are you the one who can help them? If the answers to these questions are unclear, you can watch your potential clients walk right out the door (close their browser). No one goes to a website to dig for the information they seek.It may seem when building your website, that it's all about you, but it's not.  You may say, “But Lynn, it's my business and what I do.” You're absolutely correct, but, are you trying to attract yourself or clients?

So, your website doesn't attract clients?

You see, people are selfish and want to know what's in it for them, also known as WIIFM.  As a potential client of yours, I have a problem and I need help. It's that plain and that simple.  I search the internet for help and find lots of websites that claim they can help me according to the search engine results page (SERP) that I get from putting in my problem. I go to each website and I can't figure out,

  • What you do

  • How you can help me

  • If I'm someone you would work with

  • How to contact you

  • How you've helped people like me

  • Who you are

  • What you look like

Do you think I'm going to stay on your website?  No. How can I choose to work with you when I can't find the information I need?Let's take a look at each of these points and why they're important.

How to attract clients with your website

What you do

What exactly is it that you do?  It's an obvious reason that you have a website to let people know what you do, but is your website really doing that? Let's say you're a business coach. Is that what it says?  I'm a business coach? If so, who cares. There are thousands of business coaches!  What's so special about you? How are you different from the thousands of business coaches out there?Which leads to…

How can you help me

Remember WIIFM (what's in it for me) that I mentioned earlier?  Your website visitors want to know how you can help them. Using the business coach example from above, what's your process?  How can you help me? If my struggle is getting clients, how are you going to help me?  If you help me by teaching me the 5-step tried and true process that you use, tell me!  If you help me by having a 1/2 day session where we work through my issue together live, tell me.Don't make your website visitors guess. Guessing = losing.

If I'm someone you would work with

6 Things to Improve When Your Website Doesn't Attract Clients

The first thing I want to say is that everyone isn't for everyone.  Being selective and niching isn't a bad thing. You became a business owner for a reason, freedom, time, passion, necessity, want to help the world... whatever the reason, you're an entrepreneur.Who do you work with?  Women? Men? Authors? Startups?  Small businesses who have a revenue of at least $50,000?  Businesses that are at least 2 years old?Whoever it is, let them know!  You don't want to waste their time or yours.

How to contact you

Please don't make me guess and search how to contact you if I want to hire you.  There's nothing worse than finding a business you want to work with, but you can't figure out how to contact them.

How you've helped people like me

As I mentioned earlier, I want to know if you can help me. How can you show this?  Through testimonials. For example, do you have testimonials throughout your website from people you’ve helped?  When you're requesting testimonials, make sure it's more than just, “She's great!” What does that mean?  Who is the person saying your great? Is she a solopreneur? Is she a small business owner with one employee?  Is she a start-up? Has she been in business for five years?What's so great about you?  How did you make a difference in their business?

Who are you? + What do you look like

When you're a small business owner and especially when you're a solopreneur, it's difficult to draw a line between you and the business.  You are your brand. If you're a business coach, a graphic designer, or any type of business where you'll be working one-on-one with clients, they need to get to know you. They need to know what you look like, how you sound, and how you are personally. I always say your clients need to know you on a personal level, not on a private level.What's the difference between personal and private?Personally, they can know your marital status, your pets, parents, siblings, your favorites, behind the scenes with your business.  Private, they don't need to know that you and your sister just had a big fight because she thought you told your Mom about the fight she and her husband had.  Best practice, if it would make you embarrassed, keep it to yourself.  If you would never want someone to find the information, keep it to yourself.  If you have to ask yourself, "Should someone know this?" keep it to yourself.


Help for getting your website to attract clients

It’s important to take a look at your website, with objective eyes, and if you can’t because I know how hard it is, have someone else take a look at your website; watch them as they move through your website, if possible.  Ask them to fill out the questionnaire below.If you can't find someone to look at your website objectively for you, download the questionnaire below and answer these questions yourself.  What's even better is to ask someone to look at your website and fill out the questionnaire and you do the same.  Then compare the answers.  If their responses and what you want/are expecting their answers to be don't match, then there's some tweaking that needs to be done.  If they do match, congratulations! There are two versions of the worksheet-one for you the business owner and one for the person viewing your website.

Turning away clients - website visitor

Turning away clients - business owner

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