The Power of Consistency and Analytics in Your Business

I’m sure that you’ve heard of the power of consistency in your business on more than one occasion.You’ve probably also heard that consistency can make or break your business and you have to show up.Well, all of that is true. I’m going to share with you why, but first I want to share a small story with you about consistency in one area of my business.

As entrepreneurs, we feel the pressure of having to do all the things, right?Well, I’m here to tell you, no you don’t.You don’t have to do all the things.What I will say is that you have to choose the things to do and do them consistently and do them well.  That my friend is the power of consistency in your business.


Social media is one of the things that can be a time suck.I love it and hate it all at the same time for that very reason.But, I chose to use Instagram for my business.It’s the first social media platform I’m choosing to get good at before I move onto another one. I chose Instagram because as someone who does something so visual and personal as web design, it allows me to connect with my audience and grow relationships.  It lets them get a glimpse of me.

I’m going to be honest.When I first started, I sucked at it miserably.I posted sometimes when I remembered, I had no plan.I was just flying by the seat of my pants. I said to myself, “Lynn, either you’re going to do this or you’re not.” Let me tell you, consistency was definitely not in my business when it came to social media!

Albert Einstein quote

Albert Einstein quote

So what did I do?I got serious.I started a schedule.Every Sunday night I sit down for 2-3 hours and plan out my content, 2 weeks at a time.I plan what I’m going to talk about.I do a mix of personal and business.I have categories that I post about and I choose when I’m going to post.

I look at my analytics to see which posts receive the most engagement.I research the best hashtags to reach my audience.But no matter what…I post every. single. day (okay, not Sunday).I’ve found tools to help me with this such as Planoly.I’ve got all the apps on my phone in one folder so that I can get to everything quickly.I choose to show up every day and it’s truly made the difference.

After a month, I started seeing the results.My engagement went up by 10%, my reach went up by 6%;  my consistency is paying off.I’ve even started receiving inquiries about my business services!Now are those numbers, huge?No, not yet.But, it does show the power of consistency and showing up. 

How does consistency help your business?

Consistency helps to build your know, like, and trust factor.What’s that you ask?When your website visitors (aka potential clients) arrive at your website, each time they are there, it’s an opportunity to increase how much they know about you and how well they like you.It also increases how much they trust you.When you have a high know, like, and trust factor, it increases the likelihood that your website visitors will want to work with you and/or purchase your services.

Where does consistency come into play in your business?

  • When it comes to your blog, do you consistently post or are you like me with my Instagram story I shared, when you get around to it or remember?

  • How well do you communicate with your clients?Are they left to wonder what’s happening or what’s going on?

  • Is your social media posting consistent or from time to time?

Look at it from their point of view and what they may think.If you aren't consistent with your own business, which surely you love because it’s your business, then how well will you take care of them?How will you treat them?How consistent will you be with delivering what you say you will?

In 30 Days to a Better Website, I talk about consistency and how you can get on a consistency plan and create your own plan.If you need help in that area, head on over to check it out!


Now let’s talk about analytics.Analytics allow you to see under the hood of things so to speak to see what is and isn’t working.It allows you to see things through your prospect's eyes, which is a good thing since you can’t always speak with them. 

Website analytics

Website analytics

It’s no good to have analytics if you aren’t going to use the data and interpret what you can from it.So, what should you look for? Well, that depends on what data you are reviewing.

Let’s use my Instagram story I told you about earlier.Because of analytics, I was able to determine,

  • Wednesday is the day my audience is the least active

  • Tuesday and Friday are my most active days

How can I use that information?Since Tuesday and Friday are the days my audience is the most active, I’m going to post my juiciest content on those two days and definitely not on Wednesday when they’re the least active and engaged.

I’ve also learned that the posts that receive the most engagement are those that either ask a question, have an image of myself, or that teach my audience something such as a tip or a tutorial.

I’m sure you can probably tell where I’m going with this right?From the information in my analytics I know the best days to post and the types of posts my audience likes.So guess what?I’m going to do more of that!

When it comes to your website, you can also know your audience's likes and dislikes.When you look at your Google Analytics, which posts are the most popular? 

  • Is there a trend in the topic or the way the content is delivered?

  • Are your video posts more popular than just text posts?Do more of that!

  • Is there a trend where posts published on a certain day are more popular?Then you may have found the best day to post for your audience.

  • Can you add more value to those popular posts with content upgrades (aka opt-ins) to help build your email list?

Your analytics will provide you a wealth of knowledge such as

  • Who is your audience

  • What things to change

  • When to change them

  • Where to make changes, and

  • How you should go about making those changes.

As you can see being consistent and showing up for your audience will give you the analytics you need to make the changes needed to attract the audience you want and therefore, increasing conversions, leading to increased sales.

Tyler Joseph quote

Tyler Joseph quote

Take action

In what ways are you inconsistent in your business?What’s your plan to get consistent?

When’s the last time you checked your analytics?Head on over and check them now.What is it that your audience is telling you?

Remember, in the words of Tyler Joseph, 

"Know this: You can start over each morning"

So don't beat yourself up.  Just create a plan you can realistically stick to.