3 Reasons Service Based Entrepreneurs Need to Treat Their Website Like an Employee

Do you ever look at your website and wonder how you’ll get people to know what you really do and how you can help them?  Do you ever find yourself saying, ‘If they really knew what I did and how I can help them, I know they’d hire me!”When you’re a service-based entrepreneur, it can sometimes seem difficult to share with others what you truly do and can do because it’s not tangible.  

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If you sold products, they’re on your website and your website visitors can see what they’re buying. When they click that purchase button, they know they will receive a tangible item.As a service based business, what you sell isn’t always tangible.  It’s not always something your clients can see. If you’re a business coach and you help your clients get more speaking engagements, while they know after working with you they had more events to speak at, while on your website, there’s no way for them to know that.  

All they have is what you say and what they read on your website.It’s your website that has to get them to fall in love with you enough to convert to either inquiring about your services, signing up for your free offer, or scheduling a session with you.  Most people are going to meet you for the first time on your website and that’s why it’s so important to look at your website as an employee.  Your website is the employee who is representing you because you can’t be everywhere, can you?

Your website needs to speak to your ideal client’s needs, wants, hopes, and dreams.  It needs to make your ideal clients feel as if you get them. It needs to make your ideal client want more.

How do You Treat Your Website Like Your Employee?

You have to know what your selling

I don’t mean what you do and your service.  What are the feelings and emotions that go along with that?  I’ll use myself as an example.  I sell website design services. But I’m not just selling website design services.  I’m selling a feeling of status and success.

My clients want their clients to know they are successful at what they do, that others want to work with them, and those who work with them are successful after working together.  That homemade website you DIY’d isn’t doing that.Your website needs to not only speak to the item you sell but also to the feelings your ideal clients crave.

Use their words, not yours


During your consultations, sessions, and networking events, I’m sure when you’re speaking to your ideal client, there are words and phrases that they use.  You explain things in one way and they explain things in a different way. You're both talking about the same thing, but it’s presented differently. You explain it from the expert, solution way.  

Your ideal client explains it in the I’m struggling, I don’t know what to do way.  When you look at your web copy and even the images on your website, are you talking about things in the expert, solution, or the I’m struggling, I don’t know what to do way?  Let me give you an example.As a web designer, one of the things my clients struggle with is that their website doesn’t really show what they can do for their clients.  

In fact, I hear this with almost every. single. client. There are several things happening when I hear that and many ways of making changes to her website.  You can only put so much on your website. You can’t put every single little thing on there. To help my clients with this, I have an add on service that I offer, which is to create sales funnels with their website.  

You may be saying, “Lynn, what the heck are a sales funnels?”That’s just a fancy way of saying, “We’re going to create a path for your website visitors to follow, only it’s going to be the path you want them to take. Your sales funnel is going to let your prospects know what you do, how you do it, and more.  It will guide them to a path to schedule a call, sign up for a webinar, etc.On my website, I’m not going to say, I also create sales funnels.  My clients don’t speak that way.

But, what they do say is “My website doesn’t really show what they can do for their clients.”  So guess what I’m going to say? We’ll create a path, using your website so that your website visitors know exactly what you can do for them and how you can help them.  That speaks to their need.  That speaks to their struggle. Your website copy is another way to use their words, not yours.  

Is there jargon in your industry?  If so, don’t use it. Go through old consultation notes, conversations you’ve had with clients, questions you see asked in Facebook groups.  Use those exact words. When you think about it, you already know what to say to your clients because they are giving you the words to use to speak to them and attract them.

Use your about page


More often than not, your about page is the most viewed page on your website. Use that to your advantage.  Your about page should talk about how you help your clients and what you help them with. Your about page should be about how you help your clients.  Strange I know, but it’s true.  When someone asks you what you do, you don’t use your title.  Y

ou tell them who you help, what problem(s) you solve, and what your clients get from working with you.  Your about page should do the same. Your about page is introducing you to someone new, just like at a networking event.  When you meet someone for the first time at a networking event, you don’t just start spewing out information about yourself and shove a business card in their hand (at least I hope you don’t).  

You talk to them, get to know them, and ask questions.  They do the same of you trying to determine if you can help them. You ask if they want help? Do they want to talk more? If they say yes, then you my friend have a prospect or lead.  With your website, you use your about page to talk to them to let them know you can solve their problem or at least spark enough interest so they schedule a time to talk.  

Give them an opportunity to sign up for your free offer on your about page.  This way they’ve got your information and they can reach out to you when they’re ready.  I like to look at your free offer as the equivalent of your business card. When someone has your business card, they are able to reach out to you at any time because they have your information.  

They can look at your website at any time because they have your information.  You stay on their mind every time they see your business card.If they sign up for your free offer, they can contact you at any time.  You’re on their radar because you’ve sent them wonderful information on how to solve one of their problems.  They can contact you at any time because all they have to do is hit reply to any one of your emails. They can look at your website at any time because they have your information. 

You stay on their mind every time they get one of your emails.Use your website as the salesperson that it is!You greet your prospects.  You book meetings with clients.  You go to networking events to meet people who don’t know you exist.Your about page greets your website visitors.  Your contact page or button on your website allows them to book meeting with you. 

Through SEO, people can find you who don't know you exist.If you aren’t using your website to do these things, you my friend, are missing out on clients.It’s time to start using your website as your salesperson.

If you want help with turning your website into your 24 hours a day, 7 days a week salesperson, go to my contact page to tell me about your website. Can’t wait to talk to you!

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