Expand Your Brand

(helping you incorporate your brand into your business)

Because even if it’s your side hustle,

you still have a brand my friend!

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 Do you struggle with creating your brand? 

Your brand is so much more than a logo!  There’s you, your clients, your message, your graphical elements, and more.  It can be frustrating to know where to start, what to look for,  and how to craft the brand you love and that your ideal clients will gravitate toward.  Don’t we all deserve to have a brand which makes up proud, a business we love, and clients that we’re excited to work with each and every day?  Why yes, we do!

I believe as business owners, it’s our inherent right!  And that’s where Expand Your Brand Comes in to help.

 What’s Expand Your Brand?

The more I’ve talked to clients over the years, I would them ask over and over again, “I want you to create my brand.”  I quickly realized that what they were asking for was to have a logo designed.  It was then that I realized the true misconception that my fellow had when it came to a brand.

Expand Your Brand was created to help you do just that!  This ebook and coordinating workbook will help you to go deeper than just that one small piece of the pie, your logo.

You’ll take a deep dive into your business;  you, your clients, brand messaging, brand statements, graphical and visual elements, and more!

What’s included?

  • 75-page Expand Your Brand ebook

  • 89-page Expand Your Brand workbook


Expand Your Brand Ebook

This 75-page ebook will walk you the steps I take my clients through to help them incorporate their brand into all aspects of their business.

Your brand isn’t just about colors and fonts, and all the pretty things. As a female entrepreneur with a side hustle, you need your brand to work for you even when you can’t be.

Some of the topics I discuss in Expand Your Brand are

  • squashing those brand myths so you can get clear on your branding

  • discover how to use your brand to attract the clients you want to work with, not the clients you have to work with

  • why being on your brand message can help you make decisions that could make or break your side hustle

  • learn the Ws and H of branding to help you get clear on who you want to work with and what sets you apart.

  • finally discover how to create your brand board and what the heck to do with it now that you have one.

Expand Your Brand Workbook

The companion workbook to the Expand Your Brand ebook is filled with exercises to help you brainstorm and plan how your going to expand your brand into every area of your business.

Some of the exercises in the workbook are

  • branding exercises to help you decide on your brand words

  • creating your brand board for your business

  • learning how to re-rewrite your web copy so that it speaks to your audience

  • deciding what clients you want to work with to bring out the best in your work and fill your business with clients who make you happy

  • how to use your brand colors and fonts to get your message across to your audience

This 89-page workbook lets you work at your own pace and finally get clarification on your brand!


 Still have questions? Email me at Lynn@LynnWhiteDesigns.com

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