Web design for females with side hustles


Overwhelmed and frustrated with your website?

As a 9 to 5er with a side hustle, your website has to be more than just a pretty brochure...

It's got to do the work of another employee (wouldn't you rather focus your time and energy on revenue producing tasks and spend more time with family and friends)?

With my free guide, you'll learn the 5 changes you implement right now!

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"Lynn understood my needs and created a nurturing feeling not only in my website but an effective nurture campaign through my MailChimp account.

People are experiencing me in exactly the way I had intended when I started out.

I would say she is someone who really knows her way around WordPress sites and can make them sit up and dance for her."

~Laurie, Hypnotist

"Before working with Lynn, I didn't have a clear voice for my website and I had a website that I didn't know how to utilize. Working with Lynn has given me knowledge, education, and confidence."

Simone, Event Sitter


Free resources to help you save time and get that side hustle going!


The Branding Challenge

Create a brand your audience loves!

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Website Overwhelm Checklist

Get rid of that overwhelming feeling when you think about managing your website by focusing on what’s important.


Canva PDF Templates

Don’t let your branding end with your website and business cards. Grab these Canva PDF templates to bring those PDFs to life!

The latest website and branding tips for 9 to 5ers



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I’m a web designer and developer for female entrepreneurs who have side hustles.

Whether you’re just starting out with your business or you’ve been around for quite awhile, you need a website that fits the unique needs of a female entrepreneur with a 9-5er.

Your website has to do the work of an employee so it can work for you while you’re at work or with family and friends.

When you’re website is built for you, you don’t have to feel torn, guilty, or exhausted because you’re trying to figure out how to juggle it all.

 Not sure how you can make your website better?

Grab the first 3 days of my email course, “30 Days to a Better Website.”

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